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An Amazon Echo exclusive.

The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated assistant and smart speaker. To introduce it, we created a Super Bowl 50 campaign using celebrities like Alec Baldwin and Missy Elliott to showcase the Echo’s many cool features to over 100 million viewers. Check out how Echo’s music playlist capability was used for an exclusive release of Missy Elliott’s new single Pep Rally.

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Future Ready.

Ontario’s future relies on the children of today. That’s why for years, Ontario has invested in making our education system the envy of the world. And now we are seeing the results: our kids are graduating at greater numbers and with a wide variety of skills. So, who better to tell us how great our system is working than actual Ontario graduates at actual graduation ceremonies.

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Bick’s Pickle Drone.

Bick’s believes every one of their pickles deserves to find a burger to call home. To help bring this to life, we created the Bick’s Pickle Drone which will be used to actually drone drop Bick’s pickles at the BBQ of the winner of an online contest. To help promote the contest we developed an online video featuring the Bick’s Pickle Drone as the star talent.